EAM-I Conference - Managing in a Global Economy
June 23-27, 2013 • SEVILLE, SPAIN

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About EAM
A regional affiliate of the Academy of Management, the EAM holds its annual meeting and conference each May at locations in eastern North America. Competitive papers, symposia, and panels emphasize the pursuit of excellence in teaching and scholarly research in the field of management.
In 1985, the EAM initiated a series of biennial international conferences. Jointly sponsored by EAM and local universities in international locations, the EAM-I Conferences have become a source of collaboration and learning among academics and practitioners since their inception. The first EAM-I conference was held in Tilburg in the Netherlands. Since then conferences have been held in locations around the world, including Berlin, Singapore, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, and most recently Bangalore, India. See the EAM Homepage at www.eaom.org for details about EAM and its local and international conferences.
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About UPO
Pablo de Olavide University is a public university founded in 1997. It is named after the Spanish-Peruvian politician who contributed to planning the city of Seville. It offers numerous graduate and undergraduate programs.
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) was planned as a North American-style campus with modern facilities and dedicated academic and residential space. Research groups and centers in the UPO are competitive both within Spain and internationally and they have shown great capacity to contribute to the productive and social environment. Recently the UPO ranked third in research productivity among Spanish universities
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About SMA
Southern Management Association is a society of professionals drawn together through a common interest in the field of management. They hold their annual conference in October/November each year in the Southern United States.

Managing in a Global Economy XV

Collaboration, Learning, and Discovery

SEVILLE, SPAIN - JUNE 23-27, 2013
Co-Sponsored by: Eastern Academy of Management, Pablo de Olavide University
& Southern Management Association

The Call for Papers for the EAM-I 2015 (Lima, PERU - JUNE 21-25, 2015) is now available.
Click here to view the EAM-I 2015 Call for Papers
The conference drew 157 participants from 21 countries and was one of our most diverse conferences to date. We offer thanks to everyone who made this conference possible. More »
The Call for Papers for the EAM-I 2015 (Lima, PERU - JUNE 21-25, 2015) is now available.
Click here to view the EAM-I 2015 Call for Papers
EAM-I 2013 (Seville, Spain) - Post Conference Updates  
The EAM-I 2013 Meeting in Seville, Spain drew 157 participants from 21 countries and was our most diverse conference to date. We offer thanks to everyone who made this conference possible.
Our theme, "Collaboration, Learning and Discovery" was addressed throughout the conference. The “learning and discovery” piece was perhaps best represented by the talk of Jose Luis Arroyo from Abengoa (see below for selected plenary presentations and conference photos).
We look forward to next seeing you for EAM-I 2015, which will be held in Lima, Peru in June 2015.
EAM-I 2013 Plenary/Industry Panelist Presentations
• Jose Luis Arroyo Barrigüete, Chief Strategy officer, Abengoa
• Grupo Ybarra Presentation
• Cosentino Group Presentation
Conference Photos:
Photos from the conference are now available to view and download online. Click here to visit the photo album.
Final Program Schedule 
On-Site Information Sheet for all attendees 


  • Hotel NH Central Convenciones: Avda Diego Martinez Barrio, 8. 41013 Seville. Tel. +34 94 548 500
  • Universidad Pablo de Olavide: Ctra. de Utrera, km. 1 41013, Sevilla. Tel: +34 954 349 200
  • Welcome Reception: Monasterio de la Cartuja: Avda. Américo Vespucio, 2 / Camino de los Descubrimientos, s/n 41092 Seville. Tel.: +34 955 037 070
  • Gala Dinner: Restaurante Abades Triana: C/ Betis 69 A, 41010 Sevilla. Tel: +34 954 286 459
Conference Theme The 2013 Managing in a Global Economy conference, to be held in Seville, Spain is designed to foster an international exchange of management research and practice among scholars and managers from around the world. The conference theme, “Collaboration, Learning, and Discovery” was chosen recognizing that issues of collaboration across nations, industries, academic institutions, and companies are crucial for competitive survival. The process of learning and adaptation profoundly shapes the ability of organizations to face the challenge of managing sustainably in the 21st century.

Following past conference practice, there will be a mix of academic sessions, site visits, cultural activities, and keynote addresses by local experts. This conference is open to a discussion of perspectives on economic, cultural, technological, sustainability, and ethical factors that affect global managers. The theme is meant to be interpreted broadly. Papers, cases, roundtable discussions, and exercises exploring the complexities of our new world challenges are welcomed. Papers addressing the practical approaches to dealing with these challenges in individual nations are also welcomed and will be grouped with papers dealing with similar issues from other countries, to create comparative sessions.
An Invitation to Seville and Spain
A Glimpse of Seville...
Seville is the artistic, cultural, and administrative capital of Andalusia, in Southern Spain. It is easily accessible by plane and high speed train. The city is more than 2,000 years old, and the passage of the various civilizations has left Seville with a distinct personality. The city over the centuries has seen the amalgamation of the Roman and Moorish cultures, followed by Renaissance influences. The infrastructure available in the city is contributing to the growth of an economy dominated by the service sector, but in which manufacturing is gaining a considerable place. The EAMI is going to Seville to explore the impact of its economic and cultural history while also engaging in a multi-faceted conversation about the future.

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